Emeric Tiercelin, a wacky and original mixologist

Emeric, who goes by Rico, is a self-taught mixologist of 24 years old who has been working in catering for 8 years. Since the beginning, people have transmitted to him the love and the richness of this job.

The moment he loves the most is drinks and appetizers with a background of great music (Funk, Disco, Jazz, Deep, House), great people, toasts and, last but not least : cocktails. He has always had a special interest for cocktails. Two years ago, he had the opportunity to create his own cocktail list for a new place. Since then, Emeric has found his real passion : mixology with all its complexity. This is actually a real art form. Emeric loves to create cocktails and is such a fun person.

A perfectionist, he pays a lot of attention to detail, especially for the flavor and the image. Organization and cleanliness are vey important to highlight the difference. He takes a lot of pleasure in creating a recipe that corresponds to a specific atmosphere. According to him, the loveliness of the job is in the creation, in the tasting and in the enjoyment of a client’s smile. He loves to work with house music to brighten his common sense. He gives love, fun, good mood and expertise in all his creations.


He told me that he is really inspired by Bob Peters, who is also a perfectionist and who puts together fabulous recipes. He uses very sophisticated techniques and creates exceptional mixtures of flavors which he perfectly presents.


Martin Kovar inspires Emerico as well. He is the co-founder of MixologyArt, a worldwide community of cocktails. His creations are fun, colorful and innovative with such a big number of flavors.

Emerico already transformed his hobby into a career, and this since the age of 16. He takes that like a hobby and particularly likes human contact, exchange and creation. He thinks that he is so lucky with his job and loves to transmit it.


This first cocktail is called ‘’Valentino’’, he created it for Valentine’s Day. He had a real crush for this cocktail. Made up of Lillet Blanc (for the sweetness), lime juice (taste enhancer), fresh ginger (for the aphrodisiac side), passion fruit (for the exotic side) with artisanal apple juice. The small “pluses” that make the difference are the lime zest on the rim of the glass.


The second cocktail is ‘’Red poison’’, you can consume it as much as you like. Emeric has an unconditional love for Gin whose aromas awaken his taste buds. The composition of Red poison is made with Gibson’s Exception, lime juice (taste enhancer with this lovely acidity ), fresh raspberry for its color and its bubbly taste, fresh rosemary for its smoothness, syrup of currant for the sweet side, with sparkling water. The bird’s eye to finish is chile on the rim of the glass.

If you enjoyed discovering his universe, please go on his instagram page to discover more and don’t hesitate to contact him.




Elisa Bihan, eccentric artist and emerging artistic director

Elisa is passionate about everything, it has always been her stronger personality trait:Not only for school but also in her personal life. She is very sociable and easy going, which enabled her to strike up interesting contacts for her professional life. She is lively and curious of everything and she loves to come straight to the point.

Her universe is constantly changing. Her world is intended to be fast and rhythmic. It is geometrical, vintage and very contrasted on colors level. She is constantly building her world among her encounters, her wishes, and her feelings. 

To work, she has two ways to proceed.
For the first one, she thinks about the message she wants to communicate, the feeling she wants to convey and the way to transcribe it in a visual way.
The second one is instantaneous, that means her ideas are coming without effort. When she has an idea in her mind, she tries it in several ways until she is happy with the result of her work.


The photographic duo JUCO are creating vivid and explosive images. They connect editorial picture to design and staging. Colors and contrats are very present. They are a really good technical team.


Lauren Rolwing
is a fashion illustrator who charmed Elisa because of her pop and colorful universe influenced by the 80’s. Her world takes its influences among geometry, pictograms and design. She loves minimalism with massive forms always very colorful which bears rigorous composition.

Laura Callaghan
is an illustrative from London that Elisa really loves. From the world of fashion, she was confronted with the dictat of the slender body. She wants to depict everyday w
omen. Her muses are the spokesperson of the actual feminine condition. Far from being perfect, those women are the reflect of everyday problems.

Elisa’s ultimate goal is to make one day a profession from her passion. Unfortunately, in the world we live today, we have to make concessions to eat. But she always take the time to do what she truly loves. Some of her works are following, if you like her world and universe, please visit her tumblr.


This was for a black and white serial with an interplay of shadows and lights which dresses the nude body. She loves to show that the nude body doesn’t have any limit in the time. She wanted to give an elegance to the body. It was the first time she could reach the end of her idea and her desire. This work made her evolve. She really wanted to go into the details, to play in the light and with the model’s exposure. She now uses some of her pictures for her illustration support.


This is a personal series of photographs about mass identity and stereotypes. The magazine is going to be released soon on her website along with some interviews. All the pictures and layouts have been made by herself.


This is a selection of fashion shots which stages sexyagerians who represent senior men and women. The model is her grandmother. During the photoshot, Elisa used the song ‘’dancing queen’’ as musical background. She wanted to show that joie de vivre, beauty and self confidence do not decline as the time passes by. According to Elisa, her grandmother is the person that embodies those feelings the most.

Marie Perrigault, fanciful artist and emerging designer

The universe of Marie sways between reality and fantasy. She loves bright and pop colors and minimalism. She loves to give her quirky and playful splash to her works. She describes her works as ‘‘the result of many paradoxes.’’

She is inspired by many artists .

 17474448_10209177410372906_605348466_o (1).jpg

Marie discovered Kelly Beeman a short time ago and she loves her works. Kelly Beeman is a fashion illustrator who lives in New-York. Her asymmetrical lines and draws make Marie think about Picasso’s work. Kelly Beeman only represents graceful and androgynous women.


Since childhood, Marie is fascinated by Matisse. She loves the way he plays between abstraction and reality. Above all, she loves his cut paper’s technique with which he creates organic shapes and which represents today his signature


Marie is also inspired by Vanessa Mckeown, a multifaceted and creative artist who is photographer, artistic director and scene performer. She uses miscellaneous items to create or reinterpret new visuals to play with our interpretation. Marie was seduced by her colorful, quirky and playful world.

Marie hopes to make a career out of her passion

I am showing you some of her pieces of work. Please, feel free to discover her artistic world on her website  or her behance.


This is a poster produced for ‘‘Ballade Brassens’’ in Rennes. She wanted to make the public feel the mythical ‘‘Banc publique’’ of Georges Brassens in a universe as dreamlike and exotic as hers. It was done with cut paper.

Wad2 .jpgWad 1.jpg

She realized the title page and the front cover of the wad magazine, on the crisis topic. On a two-side principle, she has chosen to discuss about self-medication : through her photos,  she raises the fact that people feed themselves with medicine from breakfast to dinner. This piece of work is inspired by Alice in Wonderland universe.


This is a revisited box of the French card game ‘‘Mille bornes’’. The original topic of this game is about the traffic circulation which is not glamour, according to her. She decided to take the game on the complete opposite of what it represents. She realized a card game around the life of an independent women who takes risks.  The design of the box was conceived as a precious object, as a makeup bag.

Julie Lanoë, innovative dreamer and emerging creative director

Julie is an imaginative, intuitive, dreamy and innovative 21 year old woman.

She wants to use her creativity in her future jobs even if producing artworks is not a real purpose in her professional life. She needs to practice a creative trade to be happy.

She works in several manners : If she has a clear vision of her project and of her desired result, she can work without interruption and stay very concentrated. Sometimes she works in a more detached way and interrupts her work to change her mind and to find inspiration with the objective of creating a new vision for her work.

Julie is inspired by many different artists, but first by their style. She can feel affected by visuals which may naturally inspire her. She loves the bias of the color and unconventional artists who break the rules.

Nick Thomm01

She loves Nick Thomm, an Australian artist who is known for his very colorful and very large works and his immersive projections. She really likes him because his works are very innovative and unique, just liker her. His « neon » style is very flashy with iridescent splashes.


She is also a keen admirer of the painter, sculptor and writer Salvator Dali. This Spanish artist of the XX century is really original and wacky with a complex character. He  embodies the surrealist movement with recurring themes like sex, war and women.

Tommii Lim05

Julie told me she was really intrigued by Tommii Lim. His works are, according to her, minimalistic descriptions of his interpretation of the world. He uses his daily adventures and conversations to show the loveliness and the simplicity of the world.

Julie based her work on artists such as Yago Hortal, Ellen Von Unwerth, Sara Herranz, Raphael Vicenzi or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Some of her works are the following and here is a link to her universe


It represents a dancer with fresh and sweet colors with a non-realistic but graphic style. Except for curves of the body and hairs, lines are proactive. The number ‘‘20’’ is draw on the woman’s head and it represents her age. This work symbolize youth, colours, innocence, pleasure, life and naivety.


On this visual, we can see two women, one in front of another. Their attitude is wise. Their expressions don’t show any personality. In reality, they are fashion figures represented through colorful clothes. Personality is shown by clothes. This work is a denunciation of man-woman object due to modeling.


This visual is strong, on a red field which is a violent connotation. However, the face looks shy and hides itself below the person’s sweater. This representation evokes the paradox and the strength of emotions. One eyebrow is raised, to provoke us and lips are yellow as if this wise face was not really a wise face.

Maxime Gueho, innocent dreamer and emerging publicist

Maxime describes himself as a child in an adult body. He loves naive art and draft style, and creates little cartoons or short videos. He is truly passionate about communication.

He loves to bring his innocence to his projects and he gives them something carefree. He works a lot with video and photography and is very interested by typography.

Maxime is inspired by many artists such as

michel gondry

Michel Gondry, a video clip producer of the 90’s known to create videos clips made of bric-a-brac.

george melies

Georges Méliès, one of the greatest founders of cinema in the 30’s. According to Maxime, without Melies, we would not have Spielberg or Georges Lucas.

spike jonze.jpg

Spike Jonze, a video clip director mixing technology and special effects


Sagmeister, who is a conceptor and a designer : the BEST according to Maxime

Maxime wants to pursue his hobby as a job.

Some of his works or arts are the following, and you can visit his tumblr if his universe made you curious.

Capture d_écran 2017-03-08 à 17.40.11

Here is an advertising for ‘‘decathlon’’  where a fruit substitute to the jack ball. It represents the freshness of the south of France.


This is a logo for a music organization from Brittany .