Emeric Tiercelin, a wacky and original mixologist

Emeric, who goes by Rico, is a self-taught mixologist of 24 years old who has been working in catering for 8 years. Since the beginning, people have transmitted to him the love and the richness of this job.

The moment he loves the most is drinks and appetizers with a background of great music (Funk, Disco, Jazz, Deep, House), great people, toasts and, last but not least : cocktails. He has always had a special interest for cocktails. Two years ago, he had the opportunity to create his own cocktail list for a new place. Since then, Emeric has found his real passion : mixology with all its complexity. This is actually a real art form. Emeric loves to create cocktails and is such a fun person.

A perfectionist, he pays a lot of attention to detail, especially for the flavor and the image. Organization and cleanliness are vey important to highlight the difference. He takes a lot of pleasure in creating a recipe that corresponds to a specific atmosphere. According to him, the loveliness of the job is in the creation, in the tasting and in the enjoyment of a client’s smile. He loves to work with house music to brighten his common sense. He gives love, fun, good mood and expertise in all his creations.


He told me that he is really inspired by Bob Peters, who is also a perfectionist and who puts together fabulous recipes. He uses very sophisticated techniques and creates exceptional mixtures of flavors which he perfectly presents.


Martin Kovar inspires Emerico as well. He is the co-founder of MixologyArt, a worldwide community of cocktails. His creations are fun, colorful and innovative with such a big number of flavors.

Emerico already transformed his hobby into a career, and this since the age of 16. He takes that like a hobby and particularly likes human contact, exchange and creation. He thinks that he is so lucky with his job and loves to transmit it.


This first cocktail is called ‘’Valentino’’, he created it for Valentine’s Day. He had a real crush for this cocktail. Made up of Lillet Blanc (for the sweetness), lime juice (taste enhancer), fresh ginger (for the aphrodisiac side), passion fruit (for the exotic side) with artisanal apple juice. The small “pluses” that make the difference are the lime zest on the rim of the glass.


The second cocktail is ‘’Red poison’’, you can consume it as much as you like. Emeric has an unconditional love for Gin whose aromas awaken his taste buds. The composition of Red poison is made with Gibson’s Exception, lime juice (taste enhancer with this lovely acidity ), fresh raspberry for its color and its bubbly taste, fresh rosemary for its smoothness, syrup of currant for the sweet side, with sparkling water. The bird’s eye to finish is chile on the rim of the glass.

If you enjoyed discovering his universe, please go on his instagram page to discover more and don’t hesitate to contact him.




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