Marie Perrigault, fanciful artist and emerging designer

The universe of Marie sways between reality and fantasy. She loves bright and pop colors and minimalism. She loves to give her quirky and playful splash to her works. She describes her works as ‘‘the result of many paradoxes.’’

She is inspired by many artists .

 17474448_10209177410372906_605348466_o (1).jpg

Marie discovered Kelly Beeman a short time ago and she loves her works. Kelly Beeman is a fashion illustrator who lives in New-York. Her asymmetrical lines and draws make Marie think about Picasso’s work. Kelly Beeman only represents graceful and androgynous women.


Since childhood, Marie is fascinated by Matisse. She loves the way he plays between abstraction and reality. Above all, she loves his cut paper’s technique with which he creates organic shapes and which represents today his signature


Marie is also inspired by Vanessa Mckeown, a multifaceted and creative artist who is photographer, artistic director and scene performer. She uses miscellaneous items to create or reinterpret new visuals to play with our interpretation. Marie was seduced by her colorful, quirky and playful world.

Marie hopes to make a career out of her passion

I am showing you some of her pieces of work. Please, feel free to discover her artistic world on her website  or her behance.


This is a poster produced for ‘‘Ballade Brassens’’ in Rennes. She wanted to make the public feel the mythical ‘‘Banc publique’’ of Georges Brassens in a universe as dreamlike and exotic as hers. It was done with cut paper.

Wad2 .jpgWad 1.jpg

She realized the title page and the front cover of the wad magazine, on the crisis topic. On a two-side principle, she has chosen to discuss about self-medication : through her photos,  she raises the fact that people feed themselves with medicine from breakfast to dinner. This piece of work is inspired by Alice in Wonderland universe.


This is a revisited box of the French card game ‘‘Mille bornes’’. The original topic of this game is about the traffic circulation which is not glamour, according to her. She decided to take the game on the complete opposite of what it represents. She realized a card game around the life of an independent women who takes risks.  The design of the box was conceived as a precious object, as a makeup bag.


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