Julie Lanoë, innovative dreamer and emerging creative director

Julie is an imaginative, intuitive, dreamy and innovative 21 year old woman.

She wants to use her creativity in her future jobs even if producing artworks is not a real purpose in her professional life. She needs to practice a creative trade to be happy.

She works in several manners : If she has a clear vision of her project and of her desired result, she can work without interruption and stay very concentrated. Sometimes she works in a more detached way and interrupts her work to change her mind and to find inspiration with the objective of creating a new vision for her work.

Julie is inspired by many different artists, but first by their style. She can feel affected by visuals which may naturally inspire her. She loves the bias of the color and unconventional artists who break the rules.

Nick Thomm01

She loves Nick Thomm, an Australian artist who is known for his very colorful and very large works and his immersive projections. She really likes him because his works are very innovative and unique, just liker her. His « neon » style is very flashy with iridescent splashes.


She is also a keen admirer of the painter, sculptor and writer Salvator Dali. This Spanish artist of the XX century is really original and wacky with a complex character. He  embodies the surrealist movement with recurring themes like sex, war and women.

Tommii Lim05

Julie told me she was really intrigued by Tommii Lim. His works are, according to her, minimalistic descriptions of his interpretation of the world. He uses his daily adventures and conversations to show the loveliness and the simplicity of the world.

Julie based her work on artists such as Yago Hortal, Ellen Von Unwerth, Sara Herranz, Raphael Vicenzi or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Some of her works are the following and here is a link to her universe https://www.behance.net/julielanoe4503


It represents a dancer with fresh and sweet colors with a non-realistic but graphic style. Except for curves of the body and hairs, lines are proactive. The number ‘‘20’’ is draw on the woman’s head and it represents her age. This work symbolize youth, colours, innocence, pleasure, life and naivety.


On this visual, we can see two women, one in front of another. Their attitude is wise. Their expressions don’t show any personality. In reality, they are fashion figures represented through colorful clothes. Personality is shown by clothes. This work is a denunciation of man-woman object due to modeling.


This visual is strong, on a red field which is a violent connotation. However, the face looks shy and hides itself below the person’s sweater. This representation evokes the paradox and the strength of emotions. One eyebrow is raised, to provoke us and lips are yellow as if this wise face was not really a wise face.


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