Maxime Gueho, innocent dreamer and emerging publicist

Maxime describes himself as a child in an adult body. He loves naive art and draft style, and creates little cartoons or short videos. He is truly passionate about communication.

He loves to bring his innocence to his projects and he gives them something carefree. He works a lot with video and photography and is very interested by typography.

Maxime is inspired by many artists such as

michel gondry

Michel Gondry, a video clip producer of the 90’s known to create videos clips made of bric-a-brac.

george melies

Georges Méliès, one of the greatest founders of cinema in the 30’s. According to Maxime, without Melies, we would not have Spielberg or Georges Lucas.

spike jonze.jpg

Spike Jonze, a video clip director mixing technology and special effects


Sagmeister, who is a conceptor and a designer : the BEST according to Maxime

Maxime wants to pursue his hobby as a job.

Some of his works or arts are the following, and you can visit his tumblr if his universe made you curious.

Capture d_écran 2017-03-08 à 17.40.11

Here is an advertising for ‘‘decathlon’’  where a fruit substitute to the jack ball. It represents the freshness of the south of France.


This is a logo for a music organization from Brittany .



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